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The Hater's Poetry Roast

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The roast has long existed as a performance event in which comrades & rivals, allies & antagonists, colleagues & competitors thrust winking slander upon each other. THE HATER'S POETRY ROAST is an open mic night in which all are invited to read poetry aimed at a particularly irksome target with humor, levity, and creative insult.

Who deserves a dressing down--tinged, sometimes, with a lil bit of love? Poets are welcome to roast themselves, the CEO of Uber, that iguana that wouldn't leave them alone that one time, the latest collection from Comme des Garçons, incandescent light bulbs, Kanye's last album, Florida's never-calm mosquitos, the concept of "roasts," their MFA professors, their own mommas. We want performers who turn comebacks, burns, cheap shots, disses, insults, boasts, and toasts into poetry!

With featured readers Cecily Shuler & Peter Lange. No poetry to read? Join in on one of our roast games sprinkled throughout the evening!

Please note: bigoted language is highly unwelcome! THE HATER'S POETRY ROAST values the playful over the prejudiced, the creative over the cruel. Now get your reads ready, folks.

Presented by Lawless Swamp and Hosted by Storefront Art Studio.